16 March 2011

What's On Your Bucket List

This past summer I worked with a team providing community education and sensitization during the anthrax outbreak in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The outbreak started in the hippos, spilled over into some of the other wildlife in the park and affected a few people.
In the course of the work, I got to go to the hippo burial site and wear one of those biosuits. Something I have always dreamed of doing. Here is the team at the burial site in all our safety gear. Word of warning on those suits, they are not breathable and in 90 degree Uganda heat those things are HOT inside!

Here I am getting decontaminted afterwards.

Outbreaks such as anthrax, a zoonotic bacterial disease that affects both people and animals, are happening more frequently as human, livestock and wildlife habitats overlap with the growing human population. Theses diseases strain the fragile health infrastructures in developing countries, because they typically happen in rural areas where the health services are scarce, underfunded and understaffed, where human nutrition, hygenie and education is poor, and where the loss of a breadwinner or livestock drives families deeper into poverty.

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John said...

Strangely enough, visiting a dead hippo is not on my bucket list.