08 April 2011

The Goats Have Arrived

Acquisition of these goats nearly did me in. How hard could securing goats really be? I mean just about everyone I know has a goat here in Uganda. Well thousands of hours of walking dirt roads in search of goats, making dozens of phone calls, driving down the world's smallest dirt roads, they have finally arrived. It only took a day for them to realize that Kadin is in charge and just to give in to whatever his desires are for them. Noah had to work a little harder to get the goats to go where he wants. I for one am just glad they are here, eating back the jungle of weeds for GBI and in the future contributing offspring to the GBI kitchen soup pots.

And see the nifty metal feeder the goats are eating out of - JJ made that from scrap rebar he found around the GBI campus. I feel so eco-friendly!

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