09 December 2011

Countries of the World...

Nothing starts a Friday off better than a school play with the boys... three weeks ago (proof that I completely forgot I still have a blog)... Mrs Ward's P1 Class Assembly got started as Kadin welcomed the audience to experience the "Countries of the World"

I couldn't believe that in Kadin's class alone the children come from 15 different countries including Lebanon, Pakistan, Niger, Spain, Switzerland and even exotic far off places like Canada...

 Kadin taught everyone from P1-P5 students, teachers and parents that the capitol of America is Washington DC... when you get to the "sh" in Washington add a whistle to get a feel for what it is like to hear Kadin say it without his two front teeth..

At this point in his academic career Kadin may not be the most enthused student when it comes to reading, spelling or grammar...  but when it comes to class plays he's a great front man for any act!

Well done Kadin!

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