14 February 2012

My prize seed bed

Proof that I am alive and well. Jeff, as you probably know, is the talker in the family. To lend another voice to this blog, here are some of my thoughts on projects I am working on.

Since it is dry season here in Uganda, it is preparation time for the farm. Prep for rainy season. Weeding, mulching , composting - all things near and dear to my heart because it encompasses stewarding the earth well. Here is the seed bed we have all ready for rainy season. This year we recycled the water bottles from conferences and used them in our nursery bed for the tree seedlings and tropical forages for the animals. To offset feed costs of the rabbits, goats and any future animals, we are planting moringa, calliandra and leucania between the matoke. It will also create nice hedges to hold down the soil, since the matoke is planted on a slope. I like multi-purposing.

There is also bougainvillea to plant along the fence to help make the campus more secure and to help persuade the neighbors not to steal our vegetables. And of course, we have all the little vegetable seedlings starting to show - tomatoes, eggplant, cabbage, kale, green pepper and sukuma wiki (Uganda's spinach).

And finally, in an effort to offset the loss of forest here in Uganda, I have started growing some indigenous tree seedlings to plant around the campus as they are ready.

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