16 February 2012

Seasons: Water

Our life is marked by seasons. January and February are typically dry, hot months. Right now our life is marked by water. We live less than 20 km from the capital city, but we have no access to National Water. Our house is equipped with rainwater catchment. Here's Kadin standing next to our water tank. During rainy season, our tank typically is overflowing. During dry season, we have to conserve water. In our house that means flushing toilets only when necessary, short showers, monitoring our laundry washing, dish washing and car washing.

Another image during this season, are the children walking to the community water pump. Our community is lucky. The former prime minister installed a borehole and pump for the community to use. Most mornings, before school, children walk to the borehole to fill their jerry can with water. During the day, men, their bikes laden down with jerry cans full of water, bike the water to places further away and earn a little extra money selling water.

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