18 February 2012

Stewarding small spaces

Part of modeling stewardship at ARCC includes farming small spaces. Here in Uganda it is a common belief that in order to farm, you have to have large pieces of land.One of the things I am most proud of is the little kitchen garden we have planted in front of the rabbit barn. Before the garden, it was a constant battle to keep the weeds down. Now we have a daily reminder to students and school visitors that even in small spaces, well managed and tended gardens can yield big results.

This past week we harvested tomatoes from this little space. In the 2.5 rows of tomatoes planted, we grew over 100 kilos of tomatoes. And the tomatoes are still going strong, thanks to a low pressure drip irrigation system we are trying out.

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Darren said...

Hey Christine! Thanks for this info... so awesome. You need to host some kind of tv show on this stuff - i'd totally be sucked in every week.