08 March 2012

KONY 2012: Is it hurting anyone to post this video?

I've read the critique page - http://s3.amazonaws.com/www.invisiblechildren.com/critiques.html
 I just wish that those who stand with Invisible Children would read what others are saying as well...

The Invisible Children (and their followers) methods for capturing Kony have some serious flaws
The main argument I keep hearing is that the US took down Bin Laden and we can take down Kony. I too am proud of the US Military - my grandfather served in Korea and Vietnam, my brother-in-laws served in Iraq and Afghanistan along with many other friends. This next sentence is likely to be misinterpreted but you'll have to come to Uganda to get me so here it goes... 

Is the current US foreign policy  the most effective Christian response to injustice?

We can't say that our wealth and power have been particularly successful in bringing an end to injustice in Iraq or Afghanistan. The true end of injustice will only come with the return of Jesus Christ.  I am not bashing the USA, our military or the US politician - all I am trying to say is that the gospel has proven results for transforming lives. As Christians we cannot move away from the gospel looking for a better solution it doesn't exist. Zechariah 4:6 tells us "Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit" as Christians we must believe that God has power in all things!

I believe that this conflict will be solved when righteous leaders from within Africa rise up to stand against injustice  - this is why I have committed my life and my family to being in Uganda to raise up Christian leaders. I believe that this is the most effective Christian response to the problem.

Now a few other lesser points...  

In their film Invisible Children doesn't promote the UPDF (Uganda’s Military) but they are encouraging the US government to support them. The UPDF is an organization that is currently known for reckless violence, looting and for raping women. They are controlled by a President who as recently as last April order the arrest of his opposition without cause, saw him violently beaten and incited riots across the country. Unfortunately the world was too busy watching Will and Kate’s wedding. So no one saw the military shooting rubber bullets and live ammunition into crowds of innocent civilians, which included my wife. Unfortunately no one saw the rioters retaliate and attack a bus full of children from 15 nations of the world, which included my son. Supporting the UPDF is not the same as supporting the LRA but we should not turn a blind eye to their wrongdoings. 

 Invisible Children may think that they are supporting Kony's capture only to discover they are supporting Uganda's corruption!

The other flaw that I see is that the film gives Joseh Kony exactly what he wants. Joseph Kony has no stated cause, which the video clearly states. But Invisible Children should have taken time to figure out his cause. It’s his ego, his self-worship, his desire to control and exhibit power over innocents. And Kony 2012 is just the type of fame that a warlord of his caliber is searching for.  Invisible Children is giving Kony the praise his ego desires. They are acknowledging that he is a powerful man that others should fear and this is enough to know draw other sick men to him to support his cause. Invisible Children is giving him the recognition he is seeking to increase his support and ramp up for another movement against children and women.

 By making Kony famous they are feeding his most dangerous weapon his ego!

 My encouragement is to delete Kony 2012 off your facebook, twitter or wherever else you put it and to replace it by posting a link to ministries in Uganda who are making a difference:

Africa Renewal Christian College - no point in putting it further down the list - I believe in what we are doing!

Africa Renewal Ministries

Hope Alive

Cornerstone Academy

New Hope Uganda 

Save the Mothers

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Rosie Button said...

Jeff, I have been feeling reluctant to post the video but couldn't pinpoint why. But I think you have put it well. Like those songs about putting down satan etc. Don't want to give that time or coverage. Well said.