13 March 2012


This past week I (Christine) got to roll out the new recycling program at ARCC. Here in Uganda, all trash is burned, creating lots of smoke and contaminating soil and water and attracting lots of unwanted animals scavenging through it all. And with 200 people on campus and regular conferences, the school generates a lot of trash. The idea of separating trash and recycling what we can is rare to see here in Uganda.

Demonstration time! Paper or Plastic?

We have been composting all the animal manure and unusable food scraps from the kitchen. This week the students started separating their paper and plastics. I have plans to create a greenhouse out of plastic water bottles and the remaining plastics will be sold in Kampala to recycling companies, helping generate income for the school. The paper will be added to the compost pile, helping ensure we have plenty of compost for use on the school farm. Students are really excited about the new program.

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