28 March 2012

Sharing Habitats

The monkeys are being shot in Buloba. I know; I (Christine) treated the 3 dogs part of the hunting party for varying degrees of bite wounds. Monkeys are a serious agricultural pest in parts of Uganda. When you make $1 a day and the monkeys are eating your livelihood, you cannot wait for a win-win solution for both farmers and monkeys.
The Earth's population passed its 7 billion mark in October 2011. Here in Uganda, the United Nations projects a 4 fold increase in the human population by 2050. That is less than 40 years away. Where will all these people live? What will they eat? What productive livelihood options will be available? Will there be room for monkeys and humans to live together?

Note: this is not one of the monkeys being shot; this is  a photo I took while chimpanzee trekking in February

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