14 April 2012

Making a Change...

It seems that Christine and I feel the most confident about major life changes when the decision come without hesitation…

Do you want to move to Africa? Sure

Should we have another kid? Ok

Can we move from the city to the village? No problem

If a decision doesn’t come naturally the answer is “no, we shouldn’t do it!”  

So I’m writing to tell you about another decision that we are excited about. We have decided to switch to a new missionary sending organization. We are still in Uganda and still doing the exact same ministry. Christine is still the Farm Manager of Africa RenewalChristian College and teaching seminars and trainings in animal care and production. Jeff is still the Director of ARCC and teaching bible classes. We are simply changing the organization in the US that is responsible for our personal care and financial accountability.

So the question is – Why make a switch?

NMSI was just what we needed back in 2008. They cared for us as a young family on the field by providing the encouragement and support we needed. They treated us well and we are leaving with fond memories and some great relationships. The change is simply a reflection of a new season of care that we are seeking as missionaries.

We are joining TrainingLeaders International. They are an organization specifically focused on our area of ministry – training leaders - with a strong team that has decades of experience in overseas theological training. The TLI Board is a “whose who” of theological and missionary education and the support staff that they have recruited have an amazing amount of field experience. Since 2010 they have sent 4 short-term teams to ARCC so we have had plenty of interaction to see that they are the right fit for our family.

ARCC has experienced a tremendous season of growth over the last two years becoming the second largest Bible College in Uganda. As the school continues to grow and develop into a full university we believe that it is vital for us to surround ourselves with a support team in the US that is knowledgeable and experienced in this field of missionary work so that we can receive the counsel, support and encouragement we need to continue to thrive in Uganda.

We also want you to know that you also have been a vital part of our ministry in Uganda through your encouragement, prayers and support. Missions is a team effort and we wouldn’t be here without you!

From this point on we would ask that all financial support be sent to Training Leaders International. You can follow this link to set up a payment or send checks to the address below. It is common during transitions like this our support levels to drop so any special gifts during this time would be a huge help.

Thanks for continuing to support us as we equip Christian leaders in Uganda!

Jeff, Christine, Noah and Kadin

Send support to:
Traning Leaders International
Attn: Atherstone Support
PO Box 15292
Minneapolis, MN 55415

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