08 July 2012

We could use your prayers for the land this week!

This isn’t our last chance to resolve the land issue… but it is our last opportunity until the end of August.

The Ugandan courts shut down this Friday for the yearly court recess… do all countries do this?

Fortunately we got a court date for this Thursday in hopes of clearing the squatters off our land once and for all. This date is crucial because the squatters have started building again. They put a whole house up in one month and the police did nothing to stop them… this is so frustrating since we already won a court injunction to stop new construction. Look how much they have built in 30 days!

Most likely this means that the squatters have started paying bribes to the police.

Our prayer is that the court will:
1)   Rule in our favor to clear the squatters
2)   Issue an arrest warrant for a man named Ddumba. He is the ringleader who is encouraging the squatters to build and he build the house that just went up.
3)   Give a court order to send court bailiffs to clear the land

Please also pray for our staff. Not being at peace with our neighbors is taxing and presents a number of challenges for the staff in the community. More than anything we want the court to resolve this so we can have peace on our campus.

Join us in prayer this week as we pray for peace on our land!

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