15 September 2012

“Anti-American Demonstrations” and Missionaries...

Friday was a big day… We have been looking for a Finance Manager for ARCC for almost a year and we finally found 4 qualified candidates with great references. This may not sound exciting but for me this is an area that I must hand over. I am not a qualified accountant and by leading the finances it keeps me from leading in other areas.

But less than 30 minutes before the interviews were set to begin I got a text message “Avoid possible large demonstrations coming from Nakesero, Kibuli, City Centre areas in Kampala between 1-2 PM. Exercise caution through these areas today”

Next I got a message from the boys school “Anti-American demonstrations in town today. Please exercise caution in picking your children from school”

Finally Christine got a call from a friend to let her know that all US Embassy staff had been sent home and was told to stay inside until things calmed down.

So tell me… would you still be excited about job interviews at this point?

Or would you be thinking about your wife and kids… including the 40 minute drive there and the 40 minute drive back to your home.

The decision was simple. I informed the other 4 members of staff on the interview panel that I had to excuse myself and attend to my family. I went to get the boys and had Christine stay back home…

In short… nothing happened… thank you Lord!

Safely back home watching things unfold around the world on CNN I couldn’t help but think about the other missionary family’s in Sudan, Egypt and around the world along with the many Embassy staff members in each country and the soldiers stationed around the world that protect our freedom of speech and religion every day…

Personally knowing some of these embassy workers in Uganda over the years through church and home fellowships today more than ever I was grateful for their contribution to our country and also to my family as we serve overseas… although their paycheck comes from the US government many of them are serving as missionaries during their foreign assignment… as I know many of our soldiers are doing the same…

We may call it Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion but there are diplomats and soldiers paying the price for what we call "free" everyday!

American pastors, missionaries and believers should be some of the most grateful people in the world for the ability to enjoy those freedoms... I know I am!

 Friday ended up still being a big day... a Finance Manager was selected by the panel (and I am very proud of them for their ability to do this without me)...  I enjoyed an evening at home with my family... and there were plenty of people around the globe to be grateful for and to pray for as we put the boys to bed!

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Byamukama chris said...

For God is not unjust so as to forget your work and the love which you have shown toward His name, in having ministered and in still ministering to the saints.Heb.6:10
God bless you abundantly my dear pastor.And he will indeed grant you security for your family,we are praying for all Americans around the world serving our lord