06 September 2012

Noah's Summer Vacation

Noah is growing up fast! And at the rate he is tearing through Hardy Boys novels his reading will soon lead him to this blog... so I better write about him while I still can! 

This summer Noah discovered SWAG... it didn't matter if it took 50 push-ups for the Army or 10 pull-ups for the Marines... Noah was going to do whatever it took to get something for FREE!

 He is continuing to prove that a diet entire based on milk products (mac-n-cheese, ice-cream and yogurt) does a body good! This week he ended up with four 1st place, two 2nd place and one 3rd place finish in seven races at his swim meet... look out Michael Phelps!


For as big as he is growing I am glad that he hasn't gotten to the phase where he is too cool to have fun... hopefully we just skip that phase entirely!  He is still the first to jump in line to dress up like a firefighter, play knights with Kadin and he still does a great job playing with younger kids and including them in on the fun...

 But there are also signs that we are closer to teen and pre-teen activities than ever before... he has taken to combing his hair... "like Justin Bieber" ... how he found out about the Biebs I will never know but hair combing and looking in the mirror can now be a full 30 minutes of entertainment... Fortunately he can now tolerate 9 innings of baseball with dad so I am willing to overlook the Bieber-fever

But the biggest shocker of the summer was that Noah can dance! Apparently there is no need for a genetic link to dance fever because he definitely did not get this from mom or dad!

Whether it was crowd surfing, stealing the bride away for a dance from her new husband or informing the bridesmaids that they would have to take turns to dance with him... Noah ended up all over the dance floor busting moves never seen in our house!

I guess growing up in Africa has its advantages... he can shake his hips with the best of them and he had no problems capturing the girls attention... and he is still a month away from turning 9!

Seriously... look at him go!

Noah continues to amaze me as his personality evolves... I don't know where we go from here but all signs are showing that there is plenty of fun lined up for the next few years with Noah!

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Kasaija Gerald said...

wooowwww...Go Noa...Go Noa...Go Noa...but wait are you sure this is Noah?!!!! Well i thought the brother was more active. But hey guess this is the time for you to be his 'bestest' best and close friend so you can monitor this 'elate' growth...and hey good things ahead :)