27 September 2012

This feels like seminary...

I am totally procrastinating right now... Friday I am supposed to submit my first paper since 2005... a few weeks before Kadin was born!

No... I am not back in school... but this Friday I will be presenting a paper at the National Council for Higher Education Exhibition of Institutions... They have assembled a panel of 7 speakers including politicians, journalists and academics... oh, and me!

The topic wasn't exactly something I had filed away that I could just copy and paste an old paper together... our theme is "The Role of Universities in Advancing National Cohesion and Integration"... I won't admit how many words in that topic I had to look up... but let's just say 7 days notice for this topic hasn't made it the easiest of weeks... I will be sharing specifically the role of "Values-Driven Education for advancing National Cohesion and Integration"

But time-out... here is the best part of this whole event...

Look at the topic again... just the first 4 words...

"The Role of Universities"

Even though our Letter of Interim Authority was delayed until the NCHE December meeting... the NCHE has asked me to present the paper as the Director of a University... this is an amazing honor and a great sign that they have every intention of helping us to establish ourselves as a University in Uganda.

The entire staff has been a great help and support this week to help put this paper together... my prayer is that I will do my part to show the NCHE that we are ready to become a University!

So keep the coffee... and prayers coming! I have 24 hours to wrap this paper up and present it before the NCHE, other heads of Universities, members of the press and government officials... No pressure!

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