21 December 2012

Atherstone's in Scotland

Greetings from Uganda! We recently took some time to cool down... or should I say freeze our tails off in Scotland! It was just the break we needed to wind down another year of adventure here in the jungle... and I personally enjoyed a 10 day break from my computer (yes, I am still breathing and the withdrawal symptoms were manageable!)

The first part of the trip was in Glasgow where we got to stay with my favorite sibling Jen (most co-workers have a hard time imagining that I only have one). Seeing Jen, Darren and the kids thriving on the mission field in their first year was a huge encouragement. Jen made the week extra special by squeezing Thanksgiving and Christmas all into one week... our first turkey with family since 2005! Mom and Dad took the train up from Manchester to make it a full house of festivities for the weekend...

Darren helped me geek out a bit by sharing the history and current struggles of the church in Scotland... I loved the cathedrals... and of course the boys loved playing with cousins and the castles... you can ask Christine what she liked best (but I think it was Costco!)... the sun was only out for 6-7 hours a day so we had to scramble from place to place to fit everything in!

Another special moment for the whole family was watching Christine graduate from the University of Edinburgh... to make it even more special we were joined by her parents, sister Shawna and soon-to-be-brother-in-law Joe... Christine now has a Masters of Science in International Animal Health... and so far the training has also come in handy multiple times for the 3 large mammals that she is constantly treating at home!

Castles, Cathedrals and Costco are all amazing but none of them can compare to the joy of being with family for the holidays... we have plenty of lonely holidays to remember from our first 6 years... but one holiday season with family makes them easy to forget! It's been two weeks since we returned and the boys are still full of stories about their cousins and all the places they saw...

So here's wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas celebrating the birth of our King!

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