24 December 2012

Merry Christmas from Uganda!

If there is anything we have learned in our 7 Christmas holidays in Uganda it would be... don't sit around missing home or feeling sorry for yourself... instead celebrate new traditions with whatever family and friends you can find!

It appears the boys have no problem with that idea! Today they ended our Christmas Eve meal with a mud bath... I had no clue what was happening until I heard Kadin yelling to Noah "Stuff the mud down my pants!"

That got my attention!

For all the times that I have dreaded the holidays in Uganda this year I am noticing more than ever that our Ugandan celebrations (however they turn out) are normal for the boys. Kadin has been belting out Christmas carols for weeks and Noah finally convinced him that presents are a very important part of the holidays. Just like when I was a kid they are bouncing off the walls counting the seconds until Christmas!

And this holiday Christine has been a champ in making sure we have friends around... today we had our "Rookie Missionary" friends over for their first Christmas in Uganda... and tomorrow we will head over to "The Warlord's House" for Christmas day... Having friends to laugh and celebrate with is the perfect remedy for missing family... I also think the site of the electrician installing her new generator gave Christine and extra heap of Christmas spirit after another 3+ day stretch of no power!

So where ever you are and however you are celebrating here's wishing you a Merry Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our King!

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