24 March 2013


It wasn't AYSO but it was our first attempt at organized sports for Noah and Kadin... 

On Saturday we celebrated our final week of 9AM - 1PM in the sun watching soccer... excuse me... futbol!

Kadin and Noah didn't end up on the winning teams... but just like AYSO everyone gets a medal or trophy...  this was apparently the only reason why Kadin signed up for the league... he hasn't stopped wearing the medal ever since he received it... other than in the bath!

I don't know how it happened but both boys ended up being goalie... For Kadin I think it was because he realized he wouldn't have to run... for Noah I believe it was because he was frustrated that his teams other goalie wasn't stopping much of anything...

As always Kadin awed teammates, opposition, referees and the crowd with his play in goal... in the game and a half that he played goalie the other team didn't take a single shot on goal... the ball simply wizzed by as Kadin watched it pass outside the goal posts every time... legend has it that the opposition simply feared him too much!

Noah is starting to re-think the whole goalie position now that he realized that the goalie can't slide-tackle anyone... til next season!

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