05 April 2013

Happy Birthday Kadin!

Somewhere along the way a "Birthday Blog"has become a tradition for the Atherstone family... some would say it is because I am such a thoughtful father... "thank you!" ... others would say it is because I am too cheap to buy presents... "oh, you know me too well!"

Kadin, for your sake more than any other member of the family, I am so happy we are still in Uganda... being 8 now Uganda will forever be apart of your childhood memories... and that brings me such joy because Uganda has shaped your personality more than any of us... who knows whether a childhood in the US would have made you much different... but who you are today is a joy to everyone around you!

You are a delightful, trouble-making, creative, genius with an out of this world imagination... not a day goes by when a friend, neighbor or stranger doesn't stop what they are doing just to watch you... you are an entertainer to the core with a sweet spirit that most find irresistible to ignore!

8 years old seems so old... and I can't believe how much you have grown this last year! 

You are reading now... it only took 2 years of nightly battles of the will with your dear ole dad... 

You know the names of the kids in your class now... they are no longer referred to as "my children" or "those kids!" 

Even yesterday you picked up your toys and did your homework without being asked... was that an out of body experience? Your mom and I just watched in amazement! 

We love to see your daily climb up the guava trees  and your overloaded pockets as you bring your haul down to be eaten... we love to watch your interactive monologues as you chase dragons or overtake kingdoms... and we love to see your daily outfit accessories which include a belt around the belly, a sword tucked in the belt, a canister of some kind of fairy dust a pocket knife for safety and untold trouble ahead... you truly are one of a kind!

And so my son... my birthday wish for you is that you never settle for normal... but instead that you set your imagination free to create new things, explore new places, meet new friends and chase after big dreams! You are one of a kind and at some point in your life you may desire to fit in or be like everyone else... just remember that God made you unique and special... you may not look or act like everyone else but God did make you in His image...  that is nothing to hide but something to let shine for all the world to see!

Kadin there are not enough words to express how much we love you!  Happy Birthday Son! Today is your day and a special time to remember how good God was to us to bring you into our lives!

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