16 January 2014

8 Years in Uganda...

Last night I reminded the boys that we are celebrating 8 Years in Uganda today... Kadin immediately asked "But I'm 8 years old - does that mean I have been in Uganda my whole life?
Pretty much son! Here's a look at the boys two months into Uganda... Noah is sporting his favorite yellow shirt that he whole almost everyday that first year...

Seeing pictures of the boys really puts it into perspective for me... Uganda will forever be a part of their lives and the first home they will ever remember!

I am so proud of Christine and the boys and all that they have sacrificed and done to make Uganda home. These 8 years have not only shaped the boys but they have also shaped us as a family and left a mark on our hearts and minds that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Here is a look at us after 11 months on the field... man, I love all that hair on my head!

To all of you who have joined us on this journey... thank you for your love, encouragement, counsel and support! We could not have asked for a better support than the one we have with our families, friends and churches back home. The stonesinuganda has been a team effort from the very start and we are so grateful for everyone of you that has joined us in some way on this journey!

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