06 October 2014

Noah turns 11

Our first born turned 11 today! (well... this weekend, when I wrote this)

As a parent its impossible not to be proud of a son like Noah... he's loved by his family, friends, teachers, coaches and anyone else he comes across... he excels in the class, on the field, in the pool and on the court... he is constantly surprising from his fluency in French to his constant stream of new dance moves and his humor among family and friends... Noah makes parenting a joy!

This year he has hit some major milestones... he's made the school futbol and basketball teams and hit his first winning shot in a game... he has gone off to camp leaving mom, dad and brother behind... he's run a couple 5Ks and is not far from leaving mom and dad in the dust... he doesn't particularly enjoy hugs from mom and dad in front of friends...  he's concerned about how he looks and smells... we'll, let's just say the boy is growing up!

8+ years ago when we were leaving for Uganda Christine and I were working with jr high students... in less than a year we will have one in our house... that's exciting and terrifying all at the same time... I love the direction he is heading... he loves his family... knows the Lord... and has a great head on his shoulders... I think he is more ready to be a teenager than I am ready to raise a teenager! 

Noah... now that you are old enough to read this blog... hears a few things I'd love for you to know... and a few things I hope you hear from us every day!
 1) we are so proud of you... very proud!
2)  we love you... a ton!
3) chase any dream you want... you can do it!

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Shane Kingery said...

Wow, he's getting so big. I don't know why child growth always astonishes adults, but it does and then we talk about it like it's the first time in history a child has grown up ever.

The things you say about Noah remind me of Moses, though he's much younger. It makes me excited to see what lies ahead for my little kiddo. Happy birthday Noah!

Also you should really consider visiting Atlanta sometime.